On-site Repair

The most convenient, reliable and high-quality on-site repair of your devices.

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How it works

Choose your device and specify a type of damage.

Choose the time and place convenient to you.

Specialist will visit and solve the problem on-site.

Devices and types of damages

“Ring/Silent” switch

Headphone jack

“Home” sensor


Built-in speaker

“Sleep/Wake” switch


Back camera

Vibration motor

Liquid damage


Lightning connector

Front camera

Volume control

It’s really simple

Professional specialists

Every iDoc undergoes qualified training under the guidance of experienced specialists and is granted with a certificate.

High-quality parts

We use only high-quality spare parts and provide up to 6-month warranty for a replaced part.

Convenient and reliable

iDoc will visit you at the place suitable to you within 15-60 minutes and solve the problem, you don’t have to part with your device.

People trust us

  • Restored my fate in customer care service in Armenia!! Thank you!

    — Նուշիկ Առաքելեան

  • Спасибо большое вам за работу. Все быстро, качественно и комфортно. Пока мы с мужем были на ауыз ашаре, приехал мастер и все сделал. Экономия денег и времени!!!

    — Альбина Салибекова

  • I am very happy with your services. For all those who complain that Armenia doesn't have great service, they haven't come across imobi.am. My iPhone had serious problems on a Sunday night, and after I called imobi.am, they immediately sent a technician to my home at 11pm. They tried to fix the phone on the spot, but the phone had more serious problems. They offered to take it back to their lab, and after a couple of days' assessment, they identified that the processor was chipped and could not be repaired. They delivered my phone back, and since the phone could not be repaired, they did not charge me anything, despite the work they did and the delivery services. I am highly impressed!!!! I highly recommend imobi.am to anyone living or visiting Armenia!

    — Lara Tcholakian Doudaklian

  • Спасибо большое очень здорово что Вы есть, очень удобно и быстро а главное качественно и ответственно мастера молодцы. Спасибо ещё раз! Обязательно буду рекомендовать таким же неуравновешенным владельцам Телефонов как и Я

    — Aya Yeraliyeva

  • Настоятельно рекомендуется!!!

    — Darina Gunina

  • Super Service!!!

    — Жанна Бисимбаева

  • Super duper მომსახურება. სწაფი და ძალიან კომფორტული სერვისია მათთვის ვისთვისაც დრო და ხარისხი მნიშვნელოვანია✌️

    — Mary Jane Adams

  • very good service

    — Kamal Udawatta

  • SuperService

    — Aida Galstyan

  • Ребята спасибо вам огромное за вашу отношение к делу и профессионализм! Вы супер Было очень приятно и легко работать с вами

    — Mane Hovhannisyan